How to steam rice in rice cooker? Teach you to steam out the flavor of your hometown

2021-10-25  421

Modern people often think of the warmth of home when they are away from home, especially the hot food cooked by their mother in their hometown stove. Many people wonder how their rice cookers can steam rice without the taste in their memory, as if they lack something? The taste and taste are not as fragrant as mother's cooking. Today, Xiao Bian is going to teach you how to steam rice in an electric cooker so that you can taste the taste of your hometown even thousands of miles away.

How can steamed rice in rice cooker taste better? "Rice" is very important

If you want rice steamed in an electric rice cooker to be more delicious, rice is very important first. You should pay more attention to the selection of rice types and washing methods. Generally speaking, most of the rice we eat in our daily life is japonica rice and indica rice. Japonica rice has good viscosity, low amylose content, and steamed rice tastes soft, while indica rice has poor viscosity, high amylose content, and hard taste. Relatively speaking, japonica rice is more shiny and chewy, which is loved by most people.

In addition to selecting rice suitable for your own taste, there are also different washing methods. Japonica rice can be washed and scoured more often because of its low water content. Adequate washing can help remove free starch and avoid being too sticky. It can also be soaked for 30 minutes to 1 hour and then boiled for an hour. For indica rice, it does not need to be washed and scoured too many times, just 2-4 times. Besides, the rubbing strength should be reduced, and the soaking time can be reduced to 15-30 minutes, so that the boiled rice will be crystal clear and clear.

To sum up, it is easy to answer the question of how to steam rice in an electric cooker to taste better. First, you should choose the rice you like to eat. Second, you should have an electric rice cooker that can steam good rice. You should master these skills on how to steam rice in the electric rice cooker. Even if you are far away from home, you can also eat the firewood rice steamed by your mother and taste the flavor of your hometown.