Advantages and Maintenance of Ceramic Electric Kettle

2021-10-25  428

Ceramic electric kettle is gradually favored by consumers due to its exquisite appearance and non-toxic and healthy materials.

Pay attention to:

Select the right socket: The plug of ceramic electric kettle usually has a grounding electrode and should be connected to the socket with a grounding socket. When using, the power plug should be completely inserted into the socket. The power plug, socket, power cord and automatic switch device of the ceramic electric kettle shall be kept dry and clean.

Add water or other liquids before powering on, otherwise the heater may overheat and burn out. All ceramic electric kettles will be marked with the rated water level. It should be noted that the water cannot exceed the maximum water level to prevent the liquid from overflowing when boiling. The water injection should not be too little, or it will burn out quickly. It is better to buy a ceramic electric kettle with triple protection, such as automatic power off after 100 degrees of boiling water and automatic power off for dry burning.

When cleaning, do not immerse the electric kettle into the water, so as to avoid damage to the electrical insulation due to moisture, which may cause faults and electric leakage. The outside of the ceramic electric kettle only needs to be cleaned with a damp cloth, and the internal scale just needs to be boiled with white vinegar and water, which can be poured out after half an hour.

Proper use and maintenance of ceramic electric kettle can effectively prolong the service life, keep the ceramic electric kettle clean, and is conducive to water sanitation. Drinking healthy and clean water is the pursuit of modern people. The ceramic electric kettle can completely satisfy the consumers' love depending on its own advantages. Moreover, the exquisite ceramics can also show the elegant culture of consumers.