How to choose a hot kettle?

2021-10-25  387

Drinking water is something we do every day. The quality of water also affects our health to some extent. So we should ensure that the water we drink every day is healthy and safe. Boiling water is a very simple way to kill bacteria. Therefore, it is also important to equip a good hot water kettle. Let's see how to choose a hot water kettle?

Elements of Hot Kettle

1. Check the heating efficiency

The heating speed of the kettle is positively related to its power. High power and fast speed. However, it is also not recommended to blindly pursue high power. If you live in a dormitory, high-power electrical appliances may have some potential safety hazards, because the electrical load of the dormitory is small, if you use high-power equipment, it will affect the line, and if you overload, it will cause fire. Therefore, it is good to choose the power that matches the use conditions. Of course, I don't recommend students living in the dormitory to use electric kettle in the dormitory. It can be used after independent renting.

2. Pay attention to temperature control performance

The thermos with good temperature control performance is safer. The thermos equipped with a temperature controller can prevent the thermos from drying out when there is no water in the thermos.

How to select the anti drying temperature controller:

The working principle of the anti burn dry temperature controller is that after the water starts to boil, the temperature of the steam will touch the temperature sensing element, and the power supply will be disconnected due to the abnormal movement of the temperature sensing element.

3. Check the capacity

Any appliance that needs to be loaded must pay attention to its capacity! Research shows that boiled water will also expire. It is better to drink the boiled water on the same day. It is not easy to drink after being placed for more than three days. Therefore, when purchasing an electric kettle, you must choose the capacity that is suitable for your own situation.

If it is used by a single person, it is recommended to choose such a basic hot-water kettle, with a capacity of about 1.5~2L. One time of boiling water can completely meet a person's daily water intake.

If there are a large number of people in the home, a slightly larger hot pot will be more practical. It is more recommended to choose instant electric kettle or electric water bottle with larger capacity. The capacity of this type of electric kettle is 3~5L, which is very suitable for home use.

4. Check the internal and external materials

Liner material: The liner is in direct contact with our drinking water, so the safety of the liner material is very important. If it is a basic electric kettle, the most recommended one is made of food grade 304 stainless steel. Generally, the inner wall of the kettle is printed with the steel seal of food grade stainless steel. The instant electric kettle is heated in the instant electric tube, so the water tank is mostly made of food grade silica gel, which is cold and high temperature resistant, has a long service life, and is not heavy in quality.

Some electric kettles will use high borosilicate glass, which is very safe, high temperature resistant and high strength, and is the material used by many babies. But after all, it is glass, which is relatively heavy. Be careful not to bump.

Shell material: pay attention to whether the shell has anti scalding design.

For the anti scalding design of the hot water kettle, some only achieve the anti scalding of the handle on the side of the kettle, but as a high safety electric kettle, it should do the whole body anti scalding. If the handle is only hot proof, you may accidentally touch other parts of the hot water bottle, and the risk of scalding is very high.