How to steam rice in rice cooker

2021-10-25  667

How to steam rice in an electric cooker? If you want to steam fragrant rice in an electric cooker, first of all, the ratio of rice to water should be appropriate. In addition, you can pour some oil, add 2ml vinegar, and then select the gear to steam delicious rice.

1. The proportion of rice and water should be appropriate

Soak the rice in cold water for 1 hour to let the rice grains fully absorb water, which can shorten the heating time and reduce the nutrient loss. If white rice is steamed, the ratio of rice to water is 1:1, 2-1, and 4. Generally, water is 2-4cm higher than rice. Add too much water, the rice is too rotten and soft, and has no taste; If there is too little water, the steamed rice will be too hard and may be raw. If purple rice, sorghum, millet and other coarse grains are added to rice, more water should be added appropriately, because the coarse grains are very "draughty".

2. Pour some oil and add 2ml vinegar

Add half a tablespoon of vegetable oil before covering the pot to make the cooked rice oil transparent and clear. Chlorine in tap water can damage the B vitamins in rice. Therefore, dropping 2ml of rice vinegar before steaming can protect the vitamins, make the steamed rice soft and fragrant, and slow down the speed of rice becoming sour in hot seasons.

In addition, vinegar has the effect of delaying carbohydrate absorption, which can prevent blood sugar from rising too fast. The above effect can also be achieved by substituting lemon juice or citrus juice for vinegar, and the steamed rice has no vinegar flavor, on the contrary, the rice is more fragrant.

5. The gear of rice cooker should be selected properly

Generally speaking, the rice cooked in different gears is different, and the rice cooked in the "rice" gear has moderate soft and hard taste; "Quick cooking" is also moderate in hardness and softness, but it can save nearly half of the time in speed, which is very suitable for office workers; The "soft" cooked rice has more water content but will not stick to the teeth, which is suitable for the elderly at home; The rice cooked in the "hard" section is full and suitable for young people.

6. After steaming, simmer for 5 minutes

When the electric cooker "trips", it means that the rice has been cooked. However, if you open the lid to serve rice, you will find that the rice on the surface is very sticky, while the bottom of the pot is tightly adhered with a layer of rice. This layer of crispy rice can not be served, and it is also difficult to clean. The correct way is that when the heating switch is switched to the heat preservation switch, do not pull out the plug immediately. Leave it in the heat preservation state for 5 minutes. After pulling out the plug, let the rice continue to stew for 5 minutes. The steamed rice will not only taste better, but also not be easy to stick to the pot.